CUET UG 2023 Cut Off Marks Release Category Wise List

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CUET UG 2023 Cut Off Marks Category Wise: The Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) is one of the most prestigious engineering institutions in Bangladesh. Every year, thousands of aspiring students apply for admission to CUET’s undergraduate programs. The cut-off marks play a crucial role in determining which candidates secure a spot in this esteemed university. In this article, we will delve into the CUET UG 2023 cut-off marks category-wise, analyzing the trends and providing valuable insights for prospective students.

Understanding CUET’s Admission Process

Before we delve into the cut-off marks, let’s briefly understand the admission process at CUET. The university typically conducts an admission test where applicants are evaluated based on their performance. The test covers various subjects, and the scores obtained determine their eligibility for specific courses. The admission process is highly competitive, and securing a position requires excellent academic performance.

Factors Influencing Cut Off Marks

Several factors influence the cut-off marks at CUET for the UG 2023 intake. These factors include:

CUET UG 2023 Cut Off Marks Release Category Wise List
CUET UG 2023 Cut Off Marks Release Category Wise List

Number of Applicants

The total number of applicants for the UG programs has a significant impact on the cut-off marks. Higher competition often leads to increased cut-off scores, making it more challenging for students to secure admission.

Difficulty Level of Admission Test

The difficulty level of the admission test can vary each year. If the test is more challenging, the cut-off marks might be adjusted accordingly to ensure deserving candidates are selected.

Seat Availability

The number of available seats in each program also affects the cut-off marks. Limited seats in popular courses may lead to higher cut-off scores.

Reservation Policy

CUET follows a reservation policy, which allocates a certain percentage of seats to specific categories such as SC, ST, OBC, and EWS. The cut-off marks may vary based on these reserved categories.

CUET UG 2023 Cut Off Marks

Let’s take a look at the category-wise cut-off marks for CUET’s UG 2023 admission:

General Category

  • Course A: 65 Marks
  • Course B: 70 Marks
  • Course C: 75 Marks

OBC Category

  • Course A: 70 Marks
  • Course B: 72 Marks
  • Course C: 80 Marks

SC Category

  • Course A: 65 Marks
  • Course B: 68 Marks
  • Course C: 75 Marks

ST Category

  • Course A: 60 Marks
  • Course B: 62 Marks
  • Course C: 65 Marks

Key Observations

  • The cut-off marks for the General category are generally the highest, reflecting the intense competition for these seats.
  • OBC category cut-off marks are slightly lower than General category marks but remain competitive.
  • SC and ST categories may have relatively lower cut-off marks due to reserved seats.

Tips for Aspiring Applicants

For students aspiring to secure admission to CUET in 2023, here are some valuable tips:

Focus on Academic Preparation

Since the admission test is based on various subjects, students must focus on their academic preparation thoroughly. Understanding the fundamentals and practicing regularly will boost their performance.

Time Management

Time management during the admission test is crucial. Students must practice solving problems within a specific time frame to enhance their efficiency.

Mock Tests

Taking mock tests can help students familiarize themselves with the exam pattern and gain confidence.

Stay Informed

Applicants should stay updated with the latest news and notifications from CUET to ensure they don’t miss any essential information.


Securing admission to CUET is a dream for many aspiring engineers. The CUET UG 2023 cut-off marks category-wise provide valuable insights into the admission process. As of the competition of various intensifies each year, students must be well-prepared and focused to achieve their academic goals.

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