CUET UG Revised Answer Key Released 2023 PDF Download

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The Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) is a renowned educational institution that conducts entrance exams for admission to its various undergraduate programs. Each year, numerous students participate in the CUET entrance exam to secure a seat in their desired course. To aid the students in assessing their performance and validating their answers, the university releases the CUET Answer Key.

Understanding CUET UG Revised Answer Key

What is CUET?

CUET Of A stands for Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology In Bangladesh . It is a leading engineering and technology university in Bangladesh known for its academic excellence and rigorous admission process.

Why is the Answer Key Important?

The CUET Answer Key plays a crucial role in the admission process. It allows the test-takers to compare their answers with the official solutions provided by the university. This helps in determining the accuracy of their responses and evaluating their performance in the entrance exam.

The Significance of the Revised Answer Key

Occasionally, after the initial release of the answer key, the university may identify errors or discrepancies in the provided solutions. In such cases, a revised answer key is released to rectify any mistakes and provide students with accurate answers. The revised answer key holds significance as it ensures fairness and accuracy in evaluating the test-takers’ performance.

Accessing the CUET Revised Answer Key

Official Website

The official website of CUET is the primary source for accessing the revised answer key. The university updates its website with the latest information, including the release of the revised answer key. Students can visit the official website and navigate to the designated section to find the answer key.

CUET UG Revised Answer Key Released 2023 PDF Download
CUET UG Revised Answer Key Released 2023 PDF Download

Alternative Sources

Apart from the official website, the CUET revised answer key may also be available on other reliable educational portals or forums. These platforms often share important academic resources, including the answer keys, to facilitate the students’ access to accurate information.

Downloading the CUET Revised Answer Key

Steps to Download the Answer Key

To download the CUET revised answer key, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website of CUET or the reliable educational portal where the answer key is available.
  2. If you want to check the answer key then go to the specified section.
  3. Look for the link or button to download the revised answer key.
  4. Click on the download link to the initiate from the download process.
  5. Save the answer key file to your preferred location on your device.

File Format: PDF

The CUET revised answer key is typically provided in the Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF files are widely compatible with various devices and operating systems, ensuring easy access for the students. Moreover, the PDF format retains the original formatting and allows for convenient viewing and printing of the answer key.

Utilizing the CUET Revised Answer Key

Verifying Answers

Once you have downloaded the CUET revised answer key, you can cross-reference it with your attempted answers. Compare each question with the corresponding solution provided in the answer key to determine the accuracy of your responses.

Estimating Scores

The answer key enables you to estimate your scores in the entrance exam. Assign the appropriate marks to each correctly answered question based on the marking scheme provided by the university. Add up the marks to get an approximate score.

Identifying Weaknesses and Areas of Improvement

Analyzing the CUET revised answer key allows you to identify the questions you answered incorrectly. This identification helps you pinpoint your weaknesses and areas where further improvement is needed. Use the answer key as a valuable learning tool to enhance your knowledge and perform better in future exams.


The CUET Revised Answer Key is an indispensable resource for students who have appeared for the entrance exam. It allows them to assess their performance, verify their answers, and estimate their scores. By utilizing the answer key effectively, students can identify their weaknesses and work towards improving their knowledge and skills. Stay updated with the official website or

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